Северо-Западная академия государственной службы. Library
The foundation of the library dates back to the April of 1906. The library collection contains materials on all spheres of knowledge, state and municipal management, law, finances and credit, international relations. At present the library contains 400 thousand units.

Special attention was paid to economic and law subjects, parliamentary and legislative materials of foreign states. In 1992 the affiliated offices of the library were opened for the students of the Academy. According to the contract signed by the Academy and the Secretariat of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS the library provides for the law-making process of the parliament representatives of the CIS.

In 1992 all materials published before 1917 (17 thousand units) were put to the department of rare books. The library also possesses the following collections: editions of the XVIII century (published before 1925) and publications considered illegal and prohibited in Russia (XIX-the beginning of the XX century).

The collection of the books of the XVIII century contains 129 publications, the most of which have the original covers. The gems of the collection are 2 manuscript copies: "The travel from Petersburg to Moscow" by A.N.Radischev and a tragedy by Y.N.Knyazhin "Vadim Novgorodsky". The oldest publication in the department of rare books is the book by Baron P.P.Shapirov "The thoughts of Peter the Great about Russian-Swedish war" published in 1717 in St. Petersburg.

The library contains the copies with autographs of the outstanding men of Russia: P.B.Struve, I.E.Repin, A.A.Block, N.A.Berdiaev, V.V.Rozanov, A.I.Remizov, K.I.Choukovsky, materials with dedicatory inscriptions to the chairmen of the First and Fourth State Duma S.A.Mouromcev and M.V.Rodzyanko. Lately it has received books with autographs of G.A.Tovstonogov, V. I.Strzhelchik and many others. All these publications form the separate collection of autographs.

The collection of the library contains unique selections on different ministries, special editions (for instance materials of Police Department with notes). After 1917 the collection was replenished with the books from the libraries of the Ministry of Finance, Imperial Law School and private collections.

The books on Russian economy of the end of the XIX - first half of the XX centuries are of special interest. In the collection are represented not only home editions, but translated literature of the 20-30 years, basic research on the theory and history of economy, statistic receptacles, limited editions on the separate regions of Russia and branches of industry and agriculture, official editions, materials on the history of the local government, political and state structure of the Russian Empire and USSR.
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