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International Cooperation

The Academy works in cooperation with City Administration, Government of North-West Region, Official Persons and also supports communication with educational institutions and municipal authorities in Russia, Germany, Finland, France, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, USA, China.

International partners
- Federal Academy for State Administration (Berlin, Germany)
- The Hamburg High School of Administration (Hamburg, Germany)
- The High Administrative School of Administration (Kehl, Germany)
- Bavarian School of Management (Munich ,Germany)
- The University of Administration (Shanghai, China)
- The University of Indiana, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (Indiana, USA)
- Regional Institute of Administration (Lille, France)
- The Institute of Political Science (Bordeaux, France)
- The Regional Institute of the State Service of Lombardy (Milan, Italy)
- Turku Polytechnic (Turku, Finland)
- Tampere Polytechnic (Tampere, Finland)

The Academy is a member of the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Academy adjusts long-term international contacts to the Universities, state and private organizations of the European Community on the basic tasks:
  • Development of the international and interregional contacts between the universities, state and private organizations in the education fields;
  • Creation of training, professional retraining, continuous education and improvement of professional skill of the experts;
  • Holding of research, innovation projects in higher education;
  • International exchange of the PhD. students, lecturers and specialists.

    Визит делегации Гамбургской высшей народной школы в СЗАГС
    Russia has signed the Bologna declaration and one of our aims is integration into the Bologna process, renovation of curricula and methods of teaching and learning. Academy seeks international experienced partners for collaboration on this project.
    Визит делегации Башкирской академии государственной службы и управления при Президенте Республики Башкортостан в СЗАГС
    In addition to developing dual award courses, to support other forms of co-operation at postgraduate level such as joint short courses for continuing professional development and joint research projects in the areas relevant to partnership consolidation and growth, to strengthen the skills of higher education institutions staff in the techniques of developing joint programs with other countries.

    The Calls for collaboration
    The Academy invites to mutually advantageous cooperation the Universities, state organizations, private enterprises, and the educational establishments and offers a wide choice of disciplines and highly skilled teaching for improvement of professional skills and continuous education. The Academy expresses sincere interest in international cooperation in sphere of higher education, establishing of long-term professional contacts, developing educational programs, managing the Universities and exchange of professional experience.

    The Academy is going to create new Master Degree Programs. These degrees are the recognized professional. They enhance the administrative knowledge and skills of those already employed as professionals in government, nonprofit organizations and firms that deal extensively with government.

    The goal of new programs of study is to impart a deeper understanding
    of important aspects of the European Union member states as well as of the European institutions in the context of ever-increasing European integration - administrative, legal and social structures, including their modes of operation, as well as politics, economy and culture. The programs offer an interdisciplinary, practically oriented study in the following disciplines: law, political science, economics, social science and information science; internationally and supranational qualified professors and lecturers; specialized language instruction in English.

    Визит делегации Академии управления при Президенте Кыргызской Республики в СЗАГC

    The Academy expresses sincere interest in an opportunity of the international cooperation in sphere of higher education, an establishment of long-term professional contacts, development educational programs, a management of the Universities and distribution and exchange of professional experience.
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