Северо-Западная академия государственной службы. About
North-West Academy of Public Administration is a state higher educational institution, which carries out training, retraining and improvement of professional skills of the public employees in St.-Petersburg and Northwest region of Russian Federation. The Academy is one of the most authoritative and prestigious educational institutions of St.-Petersburg. The Academy was founded in 1991 and is situated in the centre of St. Petersburg, cultural and educational capital of Russia.

The educational process is provided with 6 faculties, 21 departments. All forms of instruction are applied including full-time, part-time and correspondence programs. The Academy realizes all kinds of improvement of professional skill. 22 000 students attend full-time courses. 4000 employees of the executive authority attend retraining courses in management and administration fields. Annually 2500 persons study on short-term advanced courses and seminars, conferences, round tables and meetings.

Today the Academy comprises:
  • Faculty of State and Municipal Management
  • Faculty of Public Administrators Training and Retraining
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of International Relations
  • Faculty of Economics and Finance
  • Faculty of Social Technologies
  • Postgraduates studies in the fields of Political science, History, Law, Economics and Social studies
  • Wide network of 13 branches in North-West region of Russia

    The Academy conducts training in the specializations: state and municipal administration, law, finance and credit, international and national economics, international relations, PR, organization management, personnel management, social work and customs affairs.
199178 Россия, Санкт-Петербург
Средний пр., В.О., д.57
Тел./факс (812) 321-69-45
E-mail: [email protected]