Федеральное агентство по образованию

Федеральное государственное образовательное учреждение высшего профессионального образования



Our motto: "Classical education plus innovative technologies"

The Mission of the Institute is training and retraining of public servants of all levels of governance in St. Petersburg and North-Western region of Russian Federation. The main object is to educate highly professional specialists in management, law, economy, international affairs, human and social sciences.

The Institute is one of the leading universities of Russian Federation and is considered to be an innovative higher educational establishment.

"Dear friends!

The North-West Institute of Public Administration is one of the leading higher educational institutions, training public servants in the Russian Federation. The Institute has undergone a long period of its development and today it is well-known not only in Russia, but also aboard. Its scientific and educational potential can meet all the requirements of modern higher education.

The need for public servants has greatly increased in modern Russia today. The successful large-scale social and economical transformations in Russia, the activity of the public sector at all levels are impossible without highly professional specialists having deep knowledge in the sphere of management, economics, political and social science.

The North-West Institute has 5 faculties, 4 educational centers, the Institute of Additional Professional Education for Public Servants, 25 chairs with 90 D.Sc. and 250 PhD staff members. Today the Institute and its affiliated branches educate 25 thousands students and more than 5 thousands public servants are improving their professional skills.

The Institute has 4 buildings for educational process, one of the best university libraries in Saint-Petersburg and the museum of public service.

We are proud of our graduates: many prominent politicians, heads of public administration and public leaders are among them. The Institute is the Alma Mater for the Chairman of the Federation Council Sergey Mironov, the Managing Director of President's Administration Vladimir Kozhin, the Chairman of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Vadim Tyulpanov.

The main object of the educational process in the Institute is to reveal the creative, personal potential of the students, develop their skills in different fields of management, foster their ability for adaptation to constantly changing circumstances in their professional activity, as well as their social life.

Within the Bologna Process framework we have started a difficult transformation of our educational system: there are still more questions than answers. But we will do our best to continue and develop high quality training of public servants according to the new educational standards. Our future plans are: to intensify the interaction with public administration of all levels of governance, as well as Russian and foreign Universities, also training public servants. Informational analysis as well as research is also very important for us."

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